Rife Machine Builder

  • Good feedback.
  • Machine priced fairly.
  • The machine is focused on replicating Rife’s original work.
  • Focused on providing the technology to everyone around the world.
  • Rife Machine Builder is a good job.
  • Focused on advancing the science of energy medicine.
  • Willing to dream big. Problems can be solved. No problem to big no problem to
  • Willing to welcome people with a desire to work on energy medicine.

Who We Are:

I am Travis I would like to introduce you to www.rifemachinebuilder.com We build a machine that is affordable and easy to use. We have built over 1,000 machines and have not made much money. Very happy with the feedback. It is based on the original Rife Machine. Rife would use a microscope and observe what happened to certain organisms when exposed to certain frequencies. The design is simple.

A Rife Machine is essentially a PEMF Machine that uses the same technology Rife used in the 1930’s. PEMF is pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. It is the action of applying electromagnetic frequencies to re-energize and stimulate the 70 trillion cells of the body. It has been around for many years and is generally FDA approved. It is used to improve the immune system, treat depression improve energy level, improve circulation, and has many more uses. In the main every cell of the human body uses electromagnetic energy.

Generally, more than 50 percent of our annual profits are invested back into the business to build Rife Machines for low-income people. Over 1 billion people in the world suffer from infections. Please help Rife Machine Builder, to build more machines to help people that have infections. Remember, understand what it is like to be sick. Once you are sick you will understand how important health is Rife Machine Builder is here toimprove health.
Please support. www.rifemachinebuilder.com

- Travis

idea behind the Rife Machine

The body is electrical in nature, and is water, salt, carbon, and iron densely packed together.  This makes it more ideal to use electrical energy to fight pathogens.  That is the idea behind the Rife Machine.

  • Over 1,000 Rife Machines built.
  • Have not made much money.
  • Very happy with the feedback.
  • Please contact me for testimonials.