The body is electrical in nature, and is water, salt, carbon, and iron densely packed together. This makes it more ideal to use electrical energy to fight pathogens. That is the idea behind the Rife Machine.

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The Rife Machine uses electrical energy to fight pathogens.

The Rife Machine uses electrical energy to fight pathogens


Rife looked at certain organisms under a microscope.


He observed pathogens destroyed when exposed to certain frequencies


If you have a basic microscope you can observe what Rife observed.

Idea Behind

The Rife Machine.

  • Matter is light moving at a very slow frequency.
  • The frequency of matter can be increased.
  • This can possibly be done using gravity waves, the universal attractant.
  • This is similar to what is done when a generator is used to create electricity.
  • We are looking for the magnet that is attracted to all forms of matter.
  • We are surrounded by gravitational force.
  • There are many ways this energy form can be used to benefit the human body.
  • Need to create a device like a generator that can be used to increase the frequency of all matter, and not just metal.
  • This theory has great potential to destroy human suffering.
  • There must be a focused effort to destroy illness. Too much suffering in the world.








Good News

We Now Have The Economy Model With Dual Frequency Inputs.  For Example You Can Use 432hz. For Lyme And The Tenth Or Eleventh Harmonic Which Would Be 4,320hz. Or 4,752hz.  The Higher Freqencies Act As The Carrier Wave.  Over 1,000 Machines Built

Rife Review

Rife Machine Builder does not make medical claims.

Hi again. I am going to try and push some traffic your way. I belong to several lyme chat boards, a lot of people are sick and read about my trials with this disease. Many times, people ask about Rife. I tell them I believe in Rife. There is a blood test my doctor uses to chart my progress. It is called CD-57 blood test. It gives a score 0-300. Most healthy people are in the 200-300 the range. It measures the lymphocytes in the blood. I have had this test done 4 times. My first score 23, then 37, then 46, and now 60. Anything under 60 is chronic lyme.

Karl Customer

So, I woke up with a nasty sinus infection could not breathe at all thru my nose. I looked up the frequency to knock out a sinus bacteria infection 548 hertz for 40 seconds with my rife machine. The next 5 hours I coughed it all up infection now gone. Who needs a doctor when you understand how to kill any infection.
Love my rife machine.

Milton Customer

Travis she is still cancer free this is a miracle machine no-one lives when cancer spreads to your lymph nodes. (Rife Machine Builder does not make medical claims).

Dandi Customer

Hi Travis. I love this machine. It has helped to save my life. It has been an integral part of my recovery. It has been amazing. I am so grateful that I was able to purchase this at such a reasonable price. Thank You.

Kristin Customer

I purchased a rife machine from you in 2017. We have used it for the past three years, and it’s been great.

Doug Customer

Dear Mr. Travis
I am a very happy owner of a rife machine I purchased from you. It has been successful in treating psoriasis, diabetes, herpes zoster, cancer, HVP. All patients are grateful. Thank you for your valuable work.

Luis Customer

Hi Travis. My Uncle has made a full recovery from stage 4 colon cancer, it’s gone. I don’t think that he has learned his lesson. He is back to the same diet as before and drinking beer trying to make up for lost time.

Harry Customer

Dear Sirs. I have been sick for 8 years. I was told I had ALS but last winter I spent four months in a clinic in Mexico (Sanoviv). They said I don’t have any of the markers for ALS but I test positive for Lyme. I am too sick to live alone so moved back to Iowa with my brother. My brother's wife bought a chair lift off Craig’s List and the guy she bought it from gave her a box that contained your most popular machine. He did not know what it was but said his friend had lyme and used it and is now fine, so he gave it to my brother's wife. I used the frequencies that were in the box and herxed like crazy for two days. I love this machine. Thank you for your product.

Geno Customer

Hi Travis. We have enjoyed our Rife Machine purchased from you.

Lucinda Customer